The Hazards of Workahol

Tiny Rant: We’ve all heard of the dangerous effects of workahol. But workahol, of course is a made up drug. While people use the term to imply that they’re addicted to work, others use it to say that someone is a hard worker by virtue of the number of hours they put in at the […]

W.A.R. – What is the Real Value of Marketing?

A look into how we price and value our services How much? It’s a question that we’re faced with constantly. How much do you charge for your goods and services? This question is especially true in the service industry – and, like in commodities, it’s a question of supply and demand. I get this question […]

Top 4 Reasons We Can’t Collaborate Effectively

collaboration_vs_compromise It feels a little strange to write about the difference between collaboration and compromise. I mean, we all know the difference. It’s pretty simple really. Compromise is when there are two differing opinions trying to come to a reasonable solution in the middle. Collaboration is when two or more parties come together in a […]